Arielle Lewis Studios

This month we want to showcase a special photographer. She has worked with us at Kalour Studios to create some unique artistic images as well as beautiful portraits for everyday use. If you need a new headshot for your profile or are looking to capture a special event she is your girl! Arielle has such a creative eye for beauty and is such a pleasure to work with. And of course let us know if you need any hair and makeup service to enhance the experience! Here are some images of work we have got to do together. 

Senior Photo Perfection

We are proud to announce we have partnered up with a fabulous local photographer whom specializes in capturing the wonder and excitement of ending the chapter of childhood. Senior photos are more then just an image of you as a late teen but an image of an eager motivated individual whom is about to spread their wings and enter the world of adulthood. Capture that moment in a beautiful memorable way. We at Kalour have been so happy to be a part of your day!

 Summer Rottinger Photography 

This month we will be featuring Summer Modeling Team Seniors 2017 a collaberation with Photos by Summer Rottinger Photography..  Hair by Kalea Renee & Zoë Perez @ Kalour Studios.. Make-up by Nisa Nicole & Rachel Hill

White Sands

November 29, 2015


Model: Yeti & Kalea Renee

Photo: Kalea Renee

New Year New You

December 31, 2014


New Years Eve 2014

Photographer: Varied

Stylist: Self

Models: Amazing People


March 2015


Creative Concept and Design - Kalea ReneeLorie Young

Photographer - Arielle Lewis

Hair - Kalea Renee

Make Up - Lorie Young & Zoe Perez

Jewelry & Headdress - Aurorealis Design

Models: Tricia & Chad Byers

Location: Bastrop Sate Park

Evil Twins

February 2015

Creative Design Directors - Kalea Renee & Guenevere Holden

Photographer - Anna Garza

Makeup - Kalea Renee

Hair - Chenoa Brookins

Costume - Guenevere Holden

Jewelry - Shadows of Flowers

Model left - Emily Caudill

Model right - Elissa  Maus 

Location - Kalour Studios